Very smart access & automation for short-term rental properties

Keyless access. Automated messaging. More efficient workflow. Pinio helps rental property owners and managers improve operations and get their lives back.

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Pinio is a property manager’s best friend because it automates digital key (PIN) distribution with little, or no manual intervention. Pinio delivers significant time & money savings and an improved guest experience, which often leads to better guest reviews and superhost status.

digital key
Security & unique access codes

Unique codes for each guest & user ensures better security. PIN codes are valid only for time of reservation or as required.

No more physical keys

Generate access PIN codes in seconds and send them to your guests via email or SMS. Create codes for service teams and assign to specific locations

Access control dashboard

Add & remove PIN codes, track all access and lock events. Manage communication and track source of reservation with our API integration.

No app required for guest

Guests don’t need another app, system uses email & text messages for all communication and it’s fully automated.

Custom messaging

Set custom messages to welcome guests and create special offers. Communicate with cleaning and other service teams.

Automate routine tasks

Workflow automation from reservation to check-out. Automated messaging for guests and cleaning teams. Even automated early check-in!

For Who

Exceed guest expectations & simplify short-term rental management

Pinio enables its customers to remotely control access for guests and administrative staff, saving time, money and manpower.

Rental property owners

Manage one property or hundreds, from anywhere in the world. Manage your own properties with minimal effort or grant access to a rental manager.

Rental management agencies

Plug all properties into one system console and integrate them with your favorite marketplaces, OTAs, CMS and PMS solutions.


The perfect solution for the aparthotel with individual room access coordinated with main entrance access.

Offices and coworking spaces

Control who has access to what areas of the office space. Add & remove access rights in our quick & easy dashboard.

Pinio is an investment in your rental business that will pay for itself through improved efficiencies from automation. The investment consists of a one-time purchase of hardware and access to our online solution dashboard and admin panel.

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Our happy short-term property managers

We believe property owners deserve 5 stars reviews for their hard work and innovation.

Today I run my business entirely remotely and my processes are worry-free. Keys are generated and delivered to my guests via email. They get a personalized welcome message and I simply get a confirmation that they got there safely.

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