Smart access to the coworkings of the future

No more keys or cards, choose the comfort and convenience for your customers

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Provide comfort and convenience for your customers

Raise the standard of your coworking and take the customer experience to a new level

Forget about cards and keys and provide unmanned access to coworking 24/7

Easily determine who, where and when has access to your coworking. Customize access to your customers' needs without having to involve your reception and without issuing cards and physical keys.

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Create an automated communication with suppliers, customers and their guests

Automatically inform clients, i. a. that a booked conference room is vacant earlier or that their courier or guest is already there. Receive automatic notifications when they arrive.

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Provide customers with the opportunity to keep records of their employees' working hours

With the Pinio Smart Lock activity log you can automatically notify customers that their employee has just arrived or left the workplace. Give clients the ability to keep an attendance list.

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Control access remotely and integrate Pinio with internal systems

Access and monitor the various parts of your coworking wherever you are by logging on to the Pinio Access Control Panel from any browser. Connect Pinio to your own systems or applications with API integration.

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Set up access flexibly

Adjust access to your customers' needs.
Control it wherever you are.






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Higher standard of coworking

PIN instead of cards and keys

Provide an unmanned and secure 24/7 access. Forget about cards and physical keys.

Reception relief

Automate access control and allow your employees to fully focus on their customers

Automatic communication

Configure automatic communication with suppliers, customers and their guests

simplify your business

Technology quality guaranteed by the Swedish manufacturer

Pinio works with the world leader in smart security systems

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Simplify your business with Pinio

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