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Pinio changes the game for short-term property management, and guests love the flexibility of self-check-in.

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Happy short-term and vacation rentals guest

Instead of a key you get a PIN-code over the email. No need to sync with the host on check-in or check-out.

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Host was very understanding. Was no need to meet host for keys as all doors are locked electronically. The location is great, right in the city center.

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Die Vermieterin war freundlich und entgegenkommend. Eigentlich wäre ein persönlicher Kontakt gar nicht nötig, da man anstatt von Schlüsseln per Email Codes für die Türen erhält. Alles in allem das beste Apartment, das wir jemals hatten.

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Our happy short-term property managers

I would never want to go back to the way I had to run my business before Pinio!

Today I run my business entirely remotely and my processes are worry-free. Keys are generated and delivered to my guests via email. They get personalized welcome message and I simply get a confirmation that they got there safely. Sometimes I call them to say hello and ask if they are alright. Ever since I have started using pinio my ratings went crazy up! My average rating at is 9.5 and 4.9 on AirBNB. I usually get 10s and 5s and many guests emphasize the service level and comfort they get out of having pins instead of keys.

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